Storage Containers Charlotte NC

Do you constantly struggle to find the storage that you need and keep all of your things organized? Do you have to spend a lot of time cleaning up just to make space for new stuff? A storage container is a truly fantastic solution for both your storage and organization needs. Not only can they store a massive amount of stuff or all sizes, but you can put all kinds of different storage means in there. From shelving to drawers and bins, you can put whatever kind of storage you need in your container to keep things organized. They even work great on construction sites as storage, you can store anything from tools to supplies in it and even throw a desk in there to use whenever you need it. You can count on anything inside it being totally safe from the outside elements, as bad as they may get.

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With shipping containers you aren’t stuck with just one size, they come in 10’, 20’, and 40’ foot variations. More often than not the average container that you see is going to be the 20’ variety, it’s by far the most popular and widely used. It’s just a perfect size to fit on the back of the trucks for transport, and is big enough to fit just about anything you may need or want to put in it. The other sizes are better for more specialized purposes, but are still supremely useful in their own right. With a 40’ you can store anything, even long timbers. With a 10’ you can easily store something like an ATV, a car, anything that’ll fit.

When it comes to storing your stuff, it’s so important that not only do you have the space, but you have the security you need to keep it all safe where it is. Conex boxes are about as strong as any kind of portable storage can possibly get. They’re designed to withstand multiple trips across the open ocean, in harsh weather and uneasy conditions. They can easily survive in the elements at your home, everything inside should stay in perfect condition regardless of what happens outside. It would take a storm pushing a tree over on your container to any real damage to it, and even then chances are good that your stuff would still be okay.

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One thing that shipping containers have over pretty much any type of large storage is mobility. Storage units are stuck in place and can be extremely inconvenient to get to, not to mention that you’re going to be stuck paying rent every month on it, whether you’re using it or not. Sheds can be good but you can easily run out of storage space, and they don’t have near the strength that a shipping container does. With your container, you can move it as you need to. Sheds are stuck in place, they’re going to stay where you put them.

At the end of the day, you want the storage medium that’s going to be best for you and offer you the most utility and functionality. Like we said before, other storage methods like your storage unit or a shed are good enough, but they’re just not the best thing you can get in most situations. Storage containers Charlotte NC are superior in terms of how much they can hold, the customizability, and portability that they offer. You can have your container set down right where you want it. They also offer your belongings an unmatched level of protection, you can rely on the contents staying in perfect shape and protected from anyone or anything outside.