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We have some of the best packers and movers in the country on our crew. We offer you almost instant access to our amazing services! Not only do we offer great moving services in general, we also maintain a blog on our site and hope that any of that information can be handy to you! Go ahead and give it all a read and see!



We run services out of many different areas around the country, if you need our help we should have no trouble getting to you and helping you out!


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We specialize in ground transport, we can get almost anything anywhere! Even in circumstances like needing refrigeration, we should be able to take care of you!


Raleigh-Transport will transport whatever you need to anywhere across our network ensuring the delivery of services with the most amount of care. If your stuff doesn’t arrive in the same state as you shipped it out in, we’ll replace that with no questions asked. If you hire us for the job, the least we can do is get you your things in good shape.


We use logistics to our benefits, to cut down on travel and transport times, and to save both of us money! We promise genuine rates and customer service are provided to each and every customer. We like to think of ourselves as a leader in the relocation industry!


Our organization has gained immense accolades in offering our own Storage Services to our clients. Storage IS important, and beyond that safe and secure storage is very important!


Cleaning Your House Using Green Products

When it comes to cleaning their homes, even individuals who've been trying to live a greener life will wind up purchasing toxic and harmful chemicals to do this. One of the primary reasons for this is that green cleaning supplies are not readily available and folks...

Practical and Economical Window Replacement Tips

There are many home projects that are worth the effort they take, in addition to the cost, and replacing windows is one of them. Installing energy-efficient windows to replace your old ones is a good way to reduce utility bills. To co-ordinate with the rest of the...

Find A Color Which Will Enhance Your Back Deck

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House Painting Projects You Can Do Yourself

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Move it!

Moving houses can be one of the most stressful times of your whole life, planning and being prepared makes the process so much easier. There are many ways to make the whole experience less overwhelming as a whole, every little thing helps. We’re here to offer as much help and advice as we can, please read on!


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I’ve had nothing but easy working with raleigh-movers to transport my things from my old house to my new! They put SO much effort into logistics, they really do want your stuff to get to you as fast and safe as possible. Everything was done systematically and correctly. They never once moved onto a new job before the previous one was complete. I truly appreciate the quality of service they gave me.

Merry Satta

I’m nothing but satisfied by every bit of service i received from your great company! Every single person i encountered was so pleasant to be around, but they never stopped working hard! I can’t speak highly enough of the overall process, it made my move so much more simple and stress-free than it would have been otherwise.

Jhone Smith

When other’s are handling your stuff, you almost expect at least one thing to go wrong or get broken. But, your team took the best care of all of my things. Everything looked as if i’d just pulled it off of the shelf at my old home and here it was! You usually don’t even get this kind of personal care from other services, if i ever need to move a single thing again i’ll be coming directly to your company! Thanks again!

Beriya Satta

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