Your realtor has given you a list of things to do for preparing for your home showing, so you look at it and stare in disbelief because there’s a lot on the plate. If you don’t think you can do every single thing that the realtor wants you to do, you can just concentrate on the more important ones. You may or may not heard of the concept called “curb appeal”. This simply refers to your home exterior’s attractiveness or ability to draw in a potential buyer.

Inside your home, you’ll want to make sure the living room and kitchen areas are looking excellent because these are the first places that potential buyers will look at. Although your house should be in good condition inside and outside, some areas you need to put a lot more care in than others.

What you want to avoid is an attic, basement or garage that is so full of “stuff” that people cannot get around in it. This can turn off a potential buyer. If you have decades of accumulated boxes and things, rent a storage unit and get it out of your house. Once you’ve got those areas cleared out, clean them thoroughly. If you’ve got an unfinished basement, you can simply get a few extra lights and place them strategically in the room. As you show the basement to a buyer, keep the lights on, as this will make the area look more pleasant even though it’s unfinished.

Check your mailbox and see if you need to get a new one. Maybe giving it a fresh coat of paint or cleaning it up will do. A mailbox may seem like an insignificant thing, but buyers do and will notice it, especially if it’s not looking good. Your home needs to look great from the street because it’s where buyers will be forming their first impression of your home. First impressions are very important and with a potential buyer, her or she will be standing right there asking if your house is the right house for them. In home showing, it’s important that you don’t ignore even the smallest things such as your mailbox because they contribute to a buyer’s first impression of your home.

If a prospective buyer is looking at your house at night, turn on every light in your house. Turn on all exterior lights as well. Lighting can have a positive effect on people so what you want is to give a positive effect on your home to prospective buyers. Open up all the sliding doors you have in your home. If you have room dividers then inspect the tracks to make sure they are free of any debris. Opening up the doors and having all the lights on will give the illusion of a spacious interior. Fortunately, there are plenty of helpful resources about home showing. Your realtor is also a wealth of information on home showing. Remember that it’s his or her business to sell homes and it’s in your realtor’s best interest to help you out in getting your home ready for showing.