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When you’re purchasing or offering a house, you’ll likely need to connect with a real estate professional. Be that as it may, how do you pick? Realtors range from low maintenance to full-time specialists, family companions who are in the business, possibly neighbors down the road. Which one is ideal for you?

Robert and Lee Edwards of Mobile, Alabama found what they thought was the ideal house. So they contacted someone who they knew could help.

“I called a family companion who buys and sells homes in the area,” Robert Edwards says. “She gave us a tour of the house and we immediately presented an offer. That’s when it all went downhill.”

Edwards says the agent on the seller’s side was very experienced in negotiation and “would do anything for her customers.” Unfortunately Edwards’ specialist was quickly threatened. It took just a single telephone call for the veteran specialist to stand her ground on cost, and “starting there on, my agent was terrified to negotiate.”

Lesson learned. Edwards says whenever possible, he’ll search for an expert specialist, one who’s not frightened to negotiate and who is more worried about getting an extraordinary deal than with doing things by the status quo.

Times have changed. No longer does a real estate agent just put a sign in the yard, enter the listing into MLS and lounge around in their office waiting for an offer.

Now, agents must be more proactive. Since many homebuyers now begin their search online, photos have become the most important aspect of selling a home. According to real estate professional Sally Nicholson, “photographs must be outstanding, even magazine quality. They must portray the best parts of the home and minimize the worst.”

Naturally, you should search for an agent that has some sort of social networking presence online. Nowadays, Facebook has become a prime platform for both sharing listings and finding them. It is often the first place potential home buyers look for their new home. That’s why real estate solutions companies like this one, based in Raleigh, NC should be your first choice when looking to buy or sell a home.

So how do you know you’ve found a great real estate agent? One sure way to see is how they handle the buyer side of the exchange. On average, real estate agents sold just four houses last year. So ask yourself, “If this person is relying on my transaction for 25% of their yearly income, do they really have my best interest in mind?”

If they don’t wait until listings are up on MLS to take action for clients, and instead search for homes that aren’t even listed yet, you can bet they are doing something right!